Rab conference

Hot Matter and Gauge Field Theories, Rab, Croatia,

August 30-September 3, 2007

International Workshop on Fundamental Questions of Non-Abelian Quantum Gauge Theories and Cosmology at island of Rab. _____________________________________________________

Here you can find the information on the city of Rab, Croatia: Rab


MAIN TALKS (with links to transparencies in some cases):

Darko Androic: Hypernuclear spectroscopy using (K^-_stop,pi^0) and (e,e'K^+) reactions .ppt

Tamas Biro: Equilibration in non-extensive subsystems .ppt

Dubravko Klabucar: Eta and eta' mesons in the Dyson-Schwinger approach with the generalized Witten-Veneziano relations pdf

Peter Kovacs: Influence of isospin and hypercharge chemical potential on the location of CEP of the chiral phase transition in the temperature -- baryochemical potential plane pdf file

Domagoj Kuic: Production of photons to the order alpha in out of equiulibrium QGP .pdf

Andras Patkos: Renormalization of the 2PI-Hartree approaximation pdf

Zsolt Szep: Two loop calculation of the dispersion relation for soft static fermions beyond the HTL approximation pdf

Angjelka Andrasi: Counter-terms in Coulomb gauge QCD pdf

Ivan Dadic: Manifestly retarded formalism for out of equilibrium thermal field theories and pinching .ppt

Davor Horvatic: Pseudoscalar mesons at finite temperature in a separable Dyson-Schwinger model .pdf