3rd MD-GAS General Meeting
Dubrovnik, September 25-27, 2023




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The MD-GAS action aims to improve the understanding of the interactions between molecules or clusters and photons, electrons, or heavy particles. The 3rh Annual Meeting is an opportunity to discuss advances and challenges in describing these interactions from the experimental and theoretical perspective.

We hope you will enjoy the talks and discussions.


The 3rd MD-GAS Annual Meeting will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from September 25-27 (Mon-Wed) at the student center Akademis Academia.

Street address:

Ul. Marka Marojice 2b


How to access

From the airport: Shuttle buses from Dubrovnik airport to the main bus station in Gruž depart regularly until the evening. Check the schedule here.

From the main bus station: Dubrovnik main bus station is located in Gruž port (area also known as Kantafig). To reach Akademis Academia take a taxi or walk approximately 25 minutes (2 km). Participants arriving on Monday may take a bus number 7 towards “Babin Kuk”, get off the bus at “Peyton 2” stop and walk around 200 meters.


The 3rd MD-GAS Annual Meeting is organised in the framework of the COST action CA18212.

Local organizer


  • mdgas2023@gmail.com