and in mathematical physics (workshop/conference)

MedILS , Split, September 24-28, 2007 (some activities also on Sep 23 and Sep 29)

With organization from Institute Rudjer Boskovic and the University of Split.

(September 24 program takes place at the Economic Faculty, Split University, most of the other scientific program at MedILS.)


U. Schreiber Germany, Hamburg On string and Chern-Simons n-bundles (cf. slides )
A. L. Rosenberg USA, Manhattan, Kansas Categories in geometry
M. Kontsevich France, Bures-sur-Yvette TBA (two talks)
A. Neeman Australia, Canberra Grothendieck duality and flat modules
T. Brzezinski UK, Swansea Contramodules (slides: here)
P. Cartier France, Bures-sur-Yvette Periods, motives, polylogarithms, with hints to problems in mathematical physics
N. Baas Norway, Trondheim On higher order structures
E. Vitale Belgium, Louvain-la-Neuve Internal categories in 2-category of 2-groups
F. Muro Spain, Barcelona Picard categories, determinants functors and K-theory
P. Severa Slovakia, Bratislava L-infinity algebras as first approximation
J. Mrcun Slovenia, Ljubljana Etale groupoids and Hopf algebroids
S. Mardesic Croatia, Zagreb Products in the shape category (tentative)
V. Lyubashenko Ukraine, Kiev Strongly triangulated categories coming from $A_\infty$-categories
M. Batanin Australia, Sydney Symmetrisation of n-operads and configuration spaces
D. Orlov Russia, Moscow Derived categories of singularities
T. Maszczyk Poland, Warszawa Sunday talk: Noncomm. alg. geom. via monoidal categories I; weekday talk: Part II: cyclic cohomology
O. Manzyuk Kiev, Ukrajina Serre $A_\infty$-functors (sunday Sep 23, late afternoon talk) slides
L. Katzarkov Wien, Austria Birational geometry and homological mirror symmetry
D. Kaledin Moscow, Russia On monoidal categories and algebraic structures
T. Leinster Glasgow, UK New perspectives on Euler characteristic
P. Bressler Lyon, France (to be confirmed)
W. Lowen Paris, France Deformations of categories and objects
V. Gorbounov Aberdeen, UK Homotopy algebraic structures on vertex algebras
K. Waldorf Hamburg, Germany Parallel transport and functors
J. Evslin Trieste, Italy TBA

Scientific organizers: Zoran Skoda ( IRB, Zagreb; talk ), Igor Bakovic (IRB, Zagreb)

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The workshop is dedicated to interactions between category theory and some central parts of mathematics and mathematical physics, most notably algebraic, differential and noncommutative geometry, topology, abstract homotopy theory, topological and conformal quantum field theory, deformation theory, homological algebra, descent theory, nonabelian cohomology, K-theory, moduli spaces... The category theory is here understood in a broad, modern sense including higher-dimensional analogues and enrichements like quasicategories, A-infinity categories, Segal categories, triangulated categories, and various operad-related notions, e.g. opetopes. Interaction of category theory with geometry and topology have been essential for development of both since seminal works of pioneers of the field S. Eilenberg, S. Mac Lane, W. Lawvere, G. M. Kelly and, most profoundly, Alexander Grothendieck (see also Grothendieck circle ).

Sunday 17-19 plenary talks in pre-session Manzyuk, Maszczyk

Monday lectures at Economic faculty start at 9:25 (Cartier's talk), opening ceremony at 12:00.

Monday schedule

Tuesday schedule

WEDNESDAY plenary talks: Baas 9am, Rosenberg 10am, Brzezinski 11:45am, Maszczyk 2nd part 12:40

THURSDAY plenary talks: Muro, Schreiber, Vitale, Gorbounov

FRIDAY plenary talks: Mardesic, Leinster, Muro 2nd talk, Waldorf, Evslin

Related information: Following our conference there will be a conference in Dubrovnik (south from Split) on Geometric Topology. See link