Category theory

Category theory is one of the most central parts of mathematics, a rather formal machinery which is omnipresent in various situations in relatively distinct more traditional parts of mathematics like algebra, topology, homotopy theory or geometry. Some of the popular accounts of the category theory include Tom Leinster's category theory poster "for politicians" , John Baez's intro about categories, quantization and much more... and wiki-page on category theory . Info page about conferences, webpages and addresses of people working in category theory can be found on Categories-list page. In recent years many more advanced "higher-dimensional" analogues of categories became very prominent. An interesting web discussion group on this topic is the n-category cafe. An advanced survey of higher categories and operads is written by Tom Leinster - an arXiv (free) version can be found here . Our conference at MedILS will focus on applications of category theory to geometry, topology, algebra and mathematical physics (as well as developments in category theory itself stimulated by geometrical way of thinking) and will be mainly ignorant, for coherent focus purposes, about the extensive connections to formal lingustics, computer science and logics, the important fields of applications which are more in focus of numerous other category-theory-related conferences.