My main research areas are higher category theory, nonabelian cohomology, topos theory, homotopy theory and nonabelian algebraic topology.

With Z. Skoda , I coorganized a conference Categories in geometry and in mathematical physics in Split.

In my PhD thesis Bigroupoid 2-torsors I proposed a unified treatment of nonabelian cohomology theory, using the theory of 2-torsors and their simplicial interpretation as the basis for the theory of nonabelian higher torsors.
My Ph.D. advisor was Branislav Jurco Read here on Jurco's scientific interests

For an online introduction to usual category theory see Bodo Pareigis: Category theory (online notes) dvi , ps , pdf and for higher category theory see Leinster's book Higher operads, higher categories (arXiv version is here )

Scientific papers

P. Aschieri, I. Bakovic, B. Jurco, P. Schupp, Noncommutative gerbes and deformation quantization Journal of Geometry and Physics 60 (11), 1754-1761

I. Bakovic, B. Jurco, The classifying topos of a topological bicategory Homology, Homotopy and Applications 12(1), 279-300.

Preprints and papers in preparation

I. Bakovic, The simplicial interpretation of bigroupoid 2-torsors arXiv:0902.3436

I. Bakovic, Bicategorical Yoneda lemma yoneda.pdf

I. Bakovic, Fibrations of bicategories groth2fib.pdf

Conference talks

Bigroupoid 2-torsors, talk at the program Gerbes, Groupoids and Quantum field theory, May 9-13, 2006, Erwin Schroedinger Institute, Vienna, Austria

Bigroupoid principal 2-bundles, talk at the Workshop on Higher categories and their applications, January 9-13, 2007, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada

2-torsors and gerbes, talk at IV Seminar on Categories and Applications, 6 - 9 June, 2007, Centre de Recerca Matematica, Barcelona, Spain

The classifying topos of a topological bicategory, talk at the International Conference in Category Theory, 29 June - 4 July, 2009, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Fibrations of bicategories, talk at the International Conference in Category Theory, 29 June - 4 July, 2009, University of Cape Town, South Africa