When the temperature of gas lowers to a point when the “wave length” of its constituents is comparable to the size of container ”the fun begins”

Dirac equation should be the ultimate description of matter, and yet it is not so. Its solutions have a “character of mystic”, the most famous one prediction of anti-matter. These mysteries are dispelled by properly understanding classical relativistic dynamics

Experience of humans is limited by their senses and as the result their understanding of nature is plagued by dogmas. Anything beyond these experiences are termed extremes and the only way to be understood is with help of science. Long, short, brief and eternal are the most important extremes.

In the evolution of the universe there is a period when matter, composed of the electrons and protons, start forming atoms and molecules. The period ended with formation of proto-galaxies and proto-stars. Although having simple structure this period is the least understood.

Tunneling effect played a major role in development of relativistic quantum theory, because Dirac equation produces solution that is contrary to common sense. Or is it just result of inappropriate use of mathematics?

Klein paradox: part1   part2

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Text Box: Understand the extremes and you understand your place in the universe

Newtonian physics and quantum physics compete for  giving either force or potential energy, respectively, the status of being the fundamental concept. Possible  resolve of this question is to analyze circumstance when force is zero (Newtonian dynamics) and the potential is not (quantum dynamics).

Square root of a complex number gives two answers, differing in sign. Logarithm of a complex number gives infinite answers. Defining Riemann surface removes the arbitrariness.